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Companies are looking for a transparent agency that uses easy-to-understand methods to achieve their SEM goals. Google AdWords has become an integral part of SEM search engine marketing. The unbelievable reach and the clear appearance have attracted many companies in recent years. In the area of SEM, Gooogle AdWords campaigns are among the most important tools.

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Ads in the Google Display Network

We can also assist you in placing ads on the Google Display Network. With this form of ad placement, the ads are broadcast on websites that belong directly to Google (e.g. YouTube) and on websites that participate in the Google AdSense program. These can be very well-known websites, but also unknown websites that are relevant to the respective campaign or ad group. The operators have allowed advertising on these websites and there are many millions of websites involved. This results in millions of times the potential for one or more advertisements and thus increases the reach and awareness of a brand.

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Ads in the Google search network

If you would like to place ads in the Google search network, we will first carry out an extensive analysis of the keywords for you. In doing so, you benefit from the knowledge we have gained with numerous clients over the last decade. The Google Search Network and the Google Display Network enable companies to achieve massive revenue growth in a very short time if the campaigns are created with expertise and thoughtfulness. Since a website never appears in the top 10 results with all relevant keywords, it is possible to make it appear through paid ads. In many cases, small and medium sized companies try to run such ads on their own and make simple mistakes that cost budget and sales. We support you in your project as a reliable partner and explain all steps we take for you.

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Why should you choose an SEM agency?

We book your campaigns with Google and monitor the SEM campaigns at regular short intervals.

  • We take over the target group targeting.
  • We analyze all data and discuss the results with you, because that is the key to success.
  • We have a clear plan and follow it persistently and constantly.

Profit from a competent partner and secure additional sales on the web. However, if you do not want to appear in the advertising section of Google, Bing and Co. work, then please contact us about our services in the area of Google AdWords campaigns. Our service can be extended to include PPC (pay per click) campaigns on the search engines Bing, Yahoo and other search engines.

Our services at Google AdWords

We optimize your campaigns and ad groups for an optimal use of the available budget!

What do we pay attention to in Google AdWords campaigns?

For a successful Google AdWords campaign many small factors are crucial!

Quality factor

We ensure a high quality factor and thus lower click prices!

Text optimization

For a successful campaign you have to create the right text and place it on your own site!

Keyword research

We select and monitor the development of keywords within the individual campaigns.

Video campaigns

On request we can also create video campaigns for YouTube!

Data Analysis

We regularly analyse your data and use it to optimise Google AdWords campaigns.


We create a resilient strategy for your campaigns and refine it further and further!

Google AdWords factors

For the creation of successful Google AdWords campaigns you need expert knowledge that is constantly being expanded!

  • Quality factor
  • High click rates
  • Sales
  • Contact requests

We offer them our help without a long-term contract commitment!

We would like to bind you to us through our services. Therefore we renounce long-term contractual obligations and high start-up costs. That is why we have a long-standing customer base, some of whom have been with us for over 10 years!

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All Google AdWords campaigns at a glance

We offer you all services from one source.

Google search network campaigns

We create Google search network campaigns for you without large scatter loss!

Google Display Campaigns

Google Display campaigns increase the awareness of your brand and the reach of your ads!

High quality factor

We always have the quality factor of your keywords in mind and constantly optimize the value!

Remarketing campaigns

We carry out remarketing campaigns that recoup lost sales.

Ad extensions

Optimal ad extensions are also very important for high click rates!


We analyse all campaigns at regular intervals and constantly develop the campaigns further!

Let us start

Make an appointment and let us develop a campaign that is successful!


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