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Web marketing consists of many different components and services. As in conventional marketing, you try to market goods and services successfully and establish them on a long-term basis. The respective strategy, which distinguishes successful web marketing, depends on the respective company goals and business model. Through years of experience we can help small, medium and large companies if they want to expand their internet presence and strengthen their own brand in the long run. The basis for long-term success is always good communication. If you really want to be successful in web marketing, it also requires some patience. Quick successes are possible, but mostly only of short duration. Therefore you should rely on an experienced web marketing agency that understands the online market and is always up to date.

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Here you will find an overview of the possibilities for your company in the areas of web marketing and web design.

Search Engine Optimization

Here you will find all important information about search engine optimization

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First of all you should take advantage of our SEO consulting. Here we clarify all important points with you.

Search Engine Advertising

You would like to place advertisements in the major search engines. Then you will find all information here.

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We offer search engine optimization for your city or region.

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We provide you with efficient Facebook campaigns that are successful in the long term!

SEO Strategy

Wir bieten ihnen anspruchsvolles Webdesign mit vielen nützlichen Funktionen für eine erfolgreiche Webseite!

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10 years of experience

Search engine marketing

Nowadays, search engine marketing is one of the most important instruments when it comes to the distribution of goods and services in national and global trade. The reason for this is the great flexibility compared to other possibilities in online marketing. There is a basic distinction between search engine advertising and search engine optimization. Both approaches pursue the goal of targeting Internet users through coordinated measures. It is important that the user already has a certain purchase intention or the will to purchase a service. The most significant difference between online marketing measures such as e-mail advertising, social media advertising and other instruments are the higher success rates.

Search engine marketing with the major search engines Google, Yandex, Bing and Baidu

In global search engine marketing, one usually focuses on the respective market leaders in the corresponding countries of the world. While Google has the largest market share in Europe, North and South America, other search engines are dominant in China (Baidu) and Russia (Yandex). In South Korea the search engine Naver is at the top. So you have to adjust and implement your search engine marketing to the respective target group. In addition to the major search engines, smaller search engines have now also established themselves, which like Bing and Yahoo also offer potential.

Search engine marketing should always be sustainable

Many companies hope for quick success through search engine advertising or targeted SEO. This can work, but it usually fails due to specific expertise and then frustration quickly sets in. As an experienced search engine marketing agency, you can benefit from our expertise and build up your marketing activities sustainably. We have been supporting some companies for over 10 years and have grown with them. This is what we always try to do, because only long-term success really helps companies to move forward. A constantly growing flow of visitors makes it possible for our customers to adapt to new challenges.

Search engine marketing costs

The cost of sustainable search engine marketing depends on the goals and wishes of the customer. The costs for global projects are significantly higher than for local SEO or SEM measures. Mostly our clients concentrate on the German market, but a larger focus is also not rare. If you would like to receive detailed information about the prices involved, please contact us. We will provide you with a suitable offer and we have no hidden costs or even long terms integrated in our business model. We want to bind you to us with performance and not with contracts!

Google Updates of the last years

We inform you about the current Google Updates. You can find a summary of all important updates by clicking on More Information!

Cooperation is an important component!

As an experienced internet agency we focus on continuity and transparency. As an agency, we first have to gain an overview of your goals and the respective industry. That is why we also advise you in detail in advance.
We try to quickly establish a learning curve and understand your business model.

At the same time we try to explain the peculiarities of search engines to you, so that you can better understand our work. The experience of the last years has shown us that this is the only reasonable way to reach the set goals quickly.

It does not matter how big your company is. We think very pragmatically: If you understand us better, you will avoid mistakes that slow down our work. The more we know about your work, the better we understand your customers. A very simple way of thinking, but a formula for success.

Answers to Your Questions

What makes a good online marketing agency?

A good online marketing agency works transparently and seriously. Short-term success is hardly possible nowadays, but you should be able to see results of the work after only 4-6 weeks.

What does search engine marketing cost?

The prices for search engine marketing are variable, because local measures cause less costs than a national or even international project. We will provide you with a suitable offer, which is adapted to your needs.

Are Google AdWords campaigns worthwhile for me?

This question can usually be answered with “yes”. However, many companies make simple mistakes. We help you to avoid them.

What do I have to consider with Facebook advertising?

If you want to run Facebook ads, then you should follow a specific plan, which you must adjust from time to time. We have summarized the most important points.

Which Social _Media channels are interesting for me?

This is not easy to answer because we do not know your goals and your target groups. Basically, however, you can address many new potential customers via social media channels.

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