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A successful search engine optimization is only possible if you think about the visitor!

For a successful SEO the following factors are very important!

Search Engine Optimization

The term search engine optimisation (SEO) is used to describe the optimisation of a website with the aim of placing relevant search terms (keywords) as high as possible in the Google search engine. The word describes here all the work that is important for successful search engine optimization in the individual search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo, Baidu, Yandex and Co.).

For many website operators and shops search engine optimization is a book with 7 stamps, because many do not understand or do not know how search engines work. In addition, success is usually not achieved in the short term, but only with patience and hard work. This distinguishes search engine optimization from search engine marketing, because with classical advertising you can achieve short-term success. However, these successes are often associated with high click costs.

Here we explain which measures we rely on in search engine optimization and at the same time clear up some prejudices. We have listed 20 points that play a decisive role in SEO. Basically, we differentiate between onpage and offpage optimization in search engine optimization. With an onpage-optimization the whole work that is necessary for a website is done. In addition, there are human factors that are often lost in a fast-moving time.

SEO point 1 – The human factor

For a successful SEO you need some patience and trust in the SEO agency you hire. The quick success, which is often promised to you on the phone, may be there, but it will also be short-lived and in the worst case will result in a penalty at Google. A really successful search engine optimization is long-term and requires a good preparation and many analyses. This includes analyses of your own website, as well as a thorough analysis of your competitors. A good SEO agency knows how to do it, but they cannot do magic.


SEO Point 2 - Cooperation

SEO point 3 – The structure of a website

Building a website is the most important step to a successful placement in the major search engines. The more structured a website is, the higher the probability. We advise you in detail on this so that all relevant keywords are placed on the page and yet the user behaviour is optimised. The goal is that the users intuitively find their way around your website and are quickly guided to where they want to go. We help you to structure the site logically and arrange it thematically. The start page is the beginning of a logical and quick link to all relevant subpages. When this is done, all major search engines, such as Google and Co. will reward you.

SEO point 4 - The right URL's

SEO point 5 – Mobile friendly + loading times

Of course, your website should also be clearly presented on mobile devices. The number of users of mobile devices is increasing yearly and therefore there is no way around mobile optimization. This applies not only to search engine optimization, but also to all measures in search engine marketing. We do not deny that there are industry-specific differences, but the trend of the last few years is clearly visible. We set up all important parameters with our customers, if not already available, and put you in the position to follow the development via the Google Search Console. The Google Speedtest, Pingdom or many other tools also provide valuable information about which loading times are required on which device. At the same time you can see at a glance what potential for improvement there is. The motto here is: The faster, the better

Meanwhile, the mobile index of Google results has replaced the classic search index and other tools that Google has implemented in recent years can be used to improve. Accelerated Mobile Pages slim down the actual website so much that they can be loaded almost in real time. Many content management systems have extensions that can often be used free of charge to realize a fast mobile website. Since the page speed of a website has been classified as an official ranking factor since 2018, the full potential should always be exploited here.

Furthermore, fast loading times also have a direct and indirect effect on the success of your website. Sales or contact requests increase and the bounce rate will decrease if customers find what they are looking for faster. As the time spent on a website is also an important ranking factor, the results in the search engines will

SEO point 6 - High quality content is the highest SEO duty

SEO Point 7 – H1, H2 and other headings

The headlines of your website are also a significant factor when it comes to good search engine optimization. Similar to a newspaper (for the younger ones among us: these are large information brochures made of paper, delivered daily and containing relevant information) headlines are eye catchers that give the user a quick overview of the content. They divide the content of a page into important and less important areas. We optimize all headings according to thematic content so that the user and search engines recognize a clear structure.


SEO point 8 - Optimization of meta data

SEO Punkt 9 – Keyword-research

Das recherchieren nach relevanten Keywords zieht sich während der gesamten Suchmaschinenoptimierung hin. Jedes Keyword kann helfen Umsatz zu erzielen oder einen Auftrag zu bekommen. Deswegen sollte eine Recherche natürlich am Anfang einer Suchmaschinenoptimierung, nach Anlegen der Kategorien erfolgen und als begleitende Maßnahme ein immer fortwährender Prozess sein. Bei einer Keyword-Recherche werden immer lokale und überregionale berücksichtigt. Da die lokale Suche immer mehr an Bedeutung gewinnt, sollte man auch hier eine vernünftige Recherche betreiben.

SEO point 9 - Keyword research

9.4 – Keywords that contain information for the user

These are keywords that may not generate immediate sales, but which will draw the user’s attention to your website. Such keywords satisfy an immediate need for information and can increase sales in the long term. These keywords are also very important because they contain added value for the visitors of your website.

9.5 – Keywords that include your own brand

Brand keywords are among the most valuable keywords in search engine optimization and advertising, as the probability of a purchase intention is extremely high. If you manage to develop your own brand into a relevant keyword, you have really made it. In many cases these keywords are still neglected. We help them to develop their own brand.

9.6 – Keywords that lead directly to one of their subpages

These keywords are also part of the development of the own brand, because the user wants to get directly to a certain subpage when searching.

9.2 - Keywords that can trigger a transaction on your website.

SEO point 11 – Check your website regularly for errors

Avoiding mistakes is also one of the processes that must be carried out repeatedly during a search engine optimization. 404 errors should always be avoided, as they have a negative influence on a search engine optimization. This is a signal to Google that you always have your website under control. The Google Search Console is a good tool to keep an eye on all incorrect URLs. We advise you in detail and set up a 404 page with you, which is easy to navigate in case of problems.

SEO point 12 - The internal link

SEO point 13 – Organic link building

Getting good backlinks is one of the supreme disciplines in successful search engine optimization. In many industries, very good backlinks are necessary if you want to get into the top 10 search results for a highly competitive keyword. However, no area of SEO is as delicate as link building. You should not buy backlinks at all, because that violates Google regulations and offers immense opportunities for attack. We support you with a good backlink strategy and its implementation.

Search engine optimization costs
SEO point 1 - The human factor

SEO Point 2 – Cooperation

Always remember that an SEO agency is only as good as the information it has available. Do not expect everyone to be on the same level with you immediately. If you want to have good content on your own website, there are many professional corrections to be made, especially when it comes to technical, legal and other areas of expertise. Here you can also contribute yourself, because many technical terms only you as a customer know.

SEO point 3 - The structure of a website

SEO point 4 – The right URL’s

The right URL structure is an important factor for a good ranking in the search engines and at the same time serves the user on your website as orientation. For this purpose so-called speaking URL’s are used in search engine optimization. They show the search engines and above all the user exactly where he is on your website. The URL’s should not contain umlauts and no unnecessary words. The shorter, the better…We compare the URL structure with a shelf, where everything is in the right place and clearly labelled. This makes everyone’s work easier and affects the efficiency of the website. This is especially true for the display on smartphones and tablets…and here we come to the next point….

SEO point 6 – High quality content is the highest SEO duty

The content of a website has always been the most important point when it comes to a successful placement in the search results of all major search engines. First of all you should work out a plan what you want to achieve with your website and how you can realize this goal with high-quality content. Here one of the most important rules for a successful search engine optimization is to be considered: The text should be for the visitor of your site and not for the search engine. We try to compare this with a successful factual video on YouTube. There someone explains a more or less complex subject in a short video. If he does it well, he gets good ratings, because he helped someone else to understand this subject. The number of clicks on YouTube will increase when many people need exactly this information and many more “I like” are added.

It is the same with the content of a web page. If a user searches many a product or service on a website and gets valuable additional information, then he stays longer on the website. Google recognizes this and gives your website a higher relevance for that particular search term. This does not happen overnight, but it happens. Ratings, product information, relevant additional information, test results, etc. are just a few of the many pieces of information with added value.

With longer stays on your website your domain authority increases and with it the rankings. We work with our customers to create high-quality content and ensure that the user finds real added value.

SEO Point 7 - H1, H2 and other headings

SEO point 8 – Optimization of meta data

8.1 Optimization of the Meta Title

The Meta Title has a high relevance for the results in the search engines, because it fulfills several purposes. First of all, it is displayed in the search engine results and thus influences the click rate of the visitors. It should contain the main keyword of the respective subpage and be related to the main keyword of the text. Ideally these are identical. The length of the Meta Title should not exceed 55-60 characters and should be unique.

8.2 Optimization of the Meta Description

The Meta Description is a very important factor in search engine optimization as well as in Google AdWords advertising. The optimization of all Meta Descriptions should, just as with the Meta Title, thematically fit the content of the respective page. The use of relevant keywords is recommended here because the keywords in the meta description are highlighted in the search results and can lead to a higher click rate.

8.1 Optimization of the Meta Title

9.1 – Keywords that can trigger a local search

This includes all keywords that are related to the city, the surrounding area of the city or the district (e.g. lawyer Cologne, specialist lawyer Cologne, lawyer for tenancy law). Even if the keyword is not entered by the user with the city name, he will get results from his city in the Google my Business results and in the organic results.

9.2 – Keywords that can trigger a transaction on your website.

Keywords are identified that make an action by the user possible. These include a purchase, a contact request, a newsletter order or something similar. These keywords can be determined by using Google’s keyword planner, by analysing the competition or by using professional SEO tools and then meaningfully incorporated into the site’s own content.

9.3 – Keywords that generate sales because a clear intention of the user is evident

This includes all keywords related to buy, buy online, book etc. They are almost inevitably a result of the own business model, but they are nevertheless often forgotten.

9.1 - Keywords that can trigger a local search

SEO point 10 – Keep an eye on your keywords

In search engine optimization and keyword research, it is important to avoid that keywords from different categories compete with each other. Therefore you should always have an overview of the individual keywords. You can do this in the common office applications. (e.g. Open Office calc.) The clearer the allocation on your website, the greater the probability of a good ranking for the corresponding keyword.

SEO point 10 - Keep an eye on your keywords

SEO point 12 – The internal link

An effective internal linking fulfills several purposes at once and therefore offers an absolute added value for users, search engines and sales development.

12.1 – Internal links leading to a purchase

These links help the user to navigate quickly and easily.

12.2 – Internal links leading to the correct subpage

These links signal to search engines which subpage is relevant for a certain keyword.

SEO point 13 - Organic link building

Search engine optimization costs

We offer local search engine optimization and national search engine optimization at fair and manageable prices. If you want to do SEO internationally, we will make you a suitable offer. Since some countries or regions are very different from the German market, we cannot provide you with general information here. The background is mainly the costs for possible translations and costs for link building.

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