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Microsoft Ads campaigns

Microsoft Ads Campaigns allows advertisers to display ads on the search engines Bing and Yahoo. The principle of Microsoft Ads advertising is similar to that of market leader Google. The customer pays the cost of clicking on an ad. In addition, Microsoft, just like Google Ads, provides a so-called editor, which can be downloaded as software to the computer.


Microsoft partner websites

Target group definition

Target group definition is also one of the most important preparations for successful advertising campaigns at Microsoft Advertising. Here, as with all other advertising campaigns, the respective target group is selected according to geographical, sociological and demographic criteria. In addition, target group specific factors should be taken into account. These include, for example, the relevant days of the week and time of day that could be relevant for the advertisements.

Microsoft Ads and reach

Click prices for Microsoft ads

The click prices for Microsoft advertisements are mainly based on the click rate and the quality factor assigned to the respective keyword. This results in a direct dependence on the quality of the ad texts and the text of the respective website. The respective length of stay and interaction are also included in the click price. Another factor is of course the competition, which also competes for the respective keywords.

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Microsoft as an alternative
Microsoft Ads campaigns

Microsoft partner websites

The reason why the ads can be placed on Bing and Yahoo is due to the cooperation of both companies in the last years. Through the joint marketing of ads, a cooperation between several companies has been established, which are brought together in a common network. This network includes, for example, LinkedIn and several other companies.

Target group definition

Microsoft Ads and reach

Microsoft’s advertisements are limited to the search results of Bing, Yahoo, MSN and other partners. Depending on the platform, you can choose between search ads and content ads, which must be optimized according to the search queries. The content ads are closely linked to the Microsoft network. You cannot choose between the individual portals for content ads, because they are sent out everywhere. In this case the sending is directed to the respectively opened side area of the partner web pages.

Klickpreise bei Microsoft Anzeigen

Microsoft as an alternative

Microsoft advertisements function with superficial view just like with the market leader Google. The most serious difference is surely in the range, since Microsoft has only a small market share. However there are already industries, with which advertisements are worthwhile themselves with Bing, Yahoo and MSN. Many authorities are obliged to create search queries exclusively via Bing. If these fall into the target group, then one should think about it.
There are also other reasons to think about Bing ads. We have had consistently positive experiences with customers who are interested in Microsoft ads. If you have any questions about the possibilities, please contact us. We will gladly help you!

Our services at Microsoft Ads

We optimize your campaigns and ad groups for an optimal use of the available budget!

What do we look for in Microsoft advertising campaigns?

For a successful Microsoft campaign many small factors are crucial!

Quality factor

We ensure a high quality factor and thus lower click prices!

Text optimization

For a successful campaign you have to create the right text and place it on your own site!

Keyword research

We select and monitor the development of keywords within the individual campaigns.

Advertising at Bing

We publish your ads at Bing and check the results daily.

Advertising on Yahoo

We publish your W erbeanzeigen on Yahoo and check the results daily.

Advertising on MSN

We publish your ads on MSN and check the results daily.

Microsoft Advertising Success Factors

For the creation of successful Microsoft campaigns you need expert knowledge that is constantly being expanded!

  • Quality factor
  • High click rates
  • Sales
  • Contact requests


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