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When creating a concept, we try to respond exactly to their needs.

SEO consulting for websites

Our SEO consulting for commercial websites covers all important points.

SEO consulting for online shops

You need SEO advice for your online shop. We can help you with that!

SEO Beratung für Non Profit Webseiten

Sie benötigen eine SEO Beratung für Ihre Vereinsseite oder eine Webseite für eine Organisation? Wir sind für Sie da!

You can measure the performance of our work!

If you wish, we can equip your website with the latest technology so that you always have all user data available. Of course DSVGO compliant!

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Our SEO consulting is based on many years of experience and the latest findings!

We always consider the upcoming or latest updates from Google in our proposals.

SEO Consulting

At the beginning of a search engine optimization and during the entire SEO you will receive detailed advice from our company. Only with medium and long-term cooperation, outstanding results at the common search engines are possible. Therefore we focus on continuity and stability. After you have received a comprehensive analysis of your website, we determine the strategy of our search engine optimization. Our SEO consulting is the starting point of a continuous process, which is preceded by the right SEO strategy.

SEO consulting point 1: The website

SEO consulting point 2: The SEO strategy

During the SEO consultation, we also discuss initial strategies to get to know the respective goals of the client. It also serves us to carry out an analysis of competitors on a local, national and, if necessary, international level. We can also use the information to draw up a timetable and determine the individual points for implementation. The actual state plays an essential role, which completely new websites usually need longer for the first top rankings.

SEO consulting point 3: Task distribution

SEO consulting point 4: External factors

We check your website with regard to the external factors, which primarily include the existing backlinks. We create a competitive analysis and show you the necessary steps. Important portals, which are important for a certain industry, can cause additional costs at this point, but only if the client agrees.

SEO consulting point 5: Your competence in network

In doing so, we go the extra mile and provide you with a keyword ranking report every month. So you can observe the development of your most important keywords at any time. Because only a trustful cooperation is crowned with success in the end. That’s why we don’t demand high sums from our customers, but rather enable you to achieve a constantly good development in search engine optimization at small monthly rates through fair and transparent work.

Let us start together and set up a conclusive concept!
SEO Consulting

SEO consulting point 1: The website

First of all we look at the current website and check it for strengths and weaknesses. These are summarized in one or more documents. Afterwards we make a proposal for the next steps. If the current website is technically up to date, there is no reason not to optimize it. The software in question does not play a role in the decision, but only security-related aspects. Since we know all common systems, we can also optimize all of them. We also create measures regarding internal linking, on page measures and the structure of the website.

SEO consulting point 2: The SEO strategy

SEO consulting point 3: Task distribution

Defining the tasks in the implementation of the first SEO measures. This includes keyword research and text creation. As a rule, we support our clients a great deal in the creation of relevant and high-quality texts. However, there are also industries that are so special that we can only do this to a limited extent. Then we need help from the company and, depending on the size of the website, a dedicated contact person. Of course, all texts are sent to the client after creation, so that they are checked for technical correctness.

SEO consulting point 4: External factors

SEO consulting point 5: Your competence in network

We also check and analyse existing ratings on portals. In addition, we develop proposals for further good ratings that will increase your reputation on the net in the long term.

Eine erfolgreiche Webseite benötigt viel Arbeit!

We provide you with significantly more traffic on your site and thereby significantly increase your sales. Because we carry out a permanent and continuous search engine optimization, we guarantee you a permanent good ranking in Google & Co. We know that search engine optimization is first and foremost really hard work. The web changes daily and search engines change as well. Only someone who is always on the ball, can keep you permanently on top.

A successful website needs a lot of work!

Let us start together and set up a conclusive concept!

Local SEO

Local SEO for small businesses with and without a shop!

National SEO

Search engine optimization SEO for companies of all industries!

International SEO

Search engine optimization for the international market in Russia, Asia, Europe and North and South America!

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