SEA search engine advertising!

We offer search engine advertising for Google, Bing Yahoo, Baidu or Yandex and minimize your risk.

Search engine advertising with low wastage!

We will advise you exactly according to your needs and give you free advice!

Local advertising

You have a shop or offer a regional service. Local advertising helps and that without wastage!

National advertisements

You think a little bit bigger and would like to achieve more sales with advertising throughout Germany? Then talk to us!

International advertisements

You want to expand throughout Europe or worldwide. Then get in touch with us.

Google AdWords

Google AdWords advertisements with remarketing campaigns and in the Google display network.

Bing advertisements

Advertisements at Bing can also be managed by us according to your ideas.

Oath formerly Yahoo

We can also realize advertisements that appear on Yahoo.

Baidu advertisements

You want to expand in China and advertise there. Then you will not be able to get past Baidu!

Yandex Advertisements

Advertisements in Russia we can realize with Yandex specifically for your target group.

Naver advertisements

If you want to win new customers in South Korea, then the search engine Naver offers you the best chances.

From Google Ads to Yandex – More turnover for your company

Local advertising or global expansion? With search engine advertising many things are possible!


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Geben Sie für Werbung ihr hart verdientes Geld sinnvoll aus!

Wir schalten ihnen Werbung in allen großen Suchmaschinen, die nahezu ohne Streuverluste auskommt.

Search engine advertising with added value and low risk

Search Engine Advertising is a sub term when talking about search engine marketing. Here, advertisements are created that are usually placed in the search engines Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yandex or Naver. Here one speaks in all rule of text announcements, which are provided for a product or a service and are switched then depending upon target country. In the last few years, due to constant updates of the major search engines, further ad placements are possible. These include video ads, display ads and banner ads.

Google Ads

At the beginning of our search engine advertising, we always focus on good communication with our customers and create a long-term concept that is based on the customer’s wishes. In addition, we start such campaigns with a comparatively small budget, so that we do not waste money and get to know the client’s industry first. After a set deadline has passed, we increase the budget and monitor the development of the individual campaigns. In order for search engine advertising to work, we optimise the keywords and their performance on a daily basis.

Schnelle Lernkurven sind wichtig

Search engine advertising has the advantage of being able to detect an increase in visitor flows relatively quickly, but this is also where the great danger lies. Many companies that place such ads with little expertise are surprised about high click rates and comparatively low turnover. As with other search engine marketing measures, you should always have a little patience. Search engine advertising requires some expertise and should be constantly optimized. Then you will also achieve long-term success.

Suchmaschinenwerbung ohne Streuverluste

Search engine advertising costs

The cost of effective search engine advertising can vary greatly, as it depends on the client’s budget and the reach of the ad placement. We always agree a fixed price with our clients for the creation of the ads and the placement in the search engines. Once success has been achieved, clients usually want to expand the ad placement. This increases our effort and we then agree on a slight increase for support.

If you have any questions about our possibilities in the area of search engine advertising, please contact us! We will gladly help you further .

Search Engine Advertising Procedure

The rough procedure for the placement of search engine advertising can be illustrated in 3 steps.

Starting phase

We plan the campaigns and ad groups with them with a small starting budget!

Learning phase

In the initial phase (approx. 3 months) we optimize your keywords and ads until the expected success is achieved.

Increase phase

After the optimization phase, the budget is increased and new campaigns are created.

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