Here you can find the prices for our services

Here you will find an overview of the prices for our services.

SEO, SEA are ongoing processes, designed for the long term and designed for just such a business relationship. At WSO you will not receive long-term contractual obligations, because we do not need such contract clauses. We manage to bind our customers to us with performance. High “essay fees” are just as little a part of our business model as raising false expectations.

Search engine marketing changes almost daily and has a dynamic that almost no other industry has to offer. Permanent and long-term top positions can only be achieved with continuous work. Especially with highly competitive keywords the competition never sleeps. For keywords with little competition, a one-time optimization is usually already sufficient. You will see the first successes with us very quickly, but for highly competitive keywords the duration for top 10 rankings can be several months.  We always optimize all relevant keywords of a page, because we want to increase your sales. Therefore we charge a monthly flat rate, which you can vary.

Some of our new customers have already paid a lot of money. Our prices are adapted to the needs of the customer, the rules are set by Google and this should be clear to everyone. We react quickly to every change and inform our customers about every change. We have reliable references and moderate prices for our projects. Please contact us!

Our prices for search engine advertising

Here you will find an overview of the prices for our services.

Our prices for web design

Here you will find an overview of the prices for our web design services

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Which advantages do you have?

We do not offer long term contracts, because we want to bind you to us with our services!

We keep your budget in mind!

We guarantee you a very careful handling of your advertising budget and explain everything to you step by step.


We work transparently and in dialogue!

We use your knowledge and you use our knowledge. We use your perspective and you use our perspective! Only together you can be successful!

How can we help you?

We provide you with an analysis of your website or your online shop in advance. In doing so, we design a strategy that we compare with your ideas and implement step by step.

Over 10 years of experience in search engine marketing

We know the possibilities in local, national and international online marketing. We rely on the latest technologies and high-quality software products!

Let's take off!

Istud, quod tu summum putas, gradus est

What you think is the summit is just a step. – Seneca, Epistulae morales 118,6


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