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Facebook ads require medium-term planning and a long-term strategy

Advertising on Facebook can only be successful if it is done in several steps. Below you can read the most important points!

Facebook advertisements

With almost 2.5 billion users, Facebook is one of the giants in the social media business. Facebook advertising is therefore also a good instrument for customer acquisition for many companies. This applies to the local area of a company as well as in national and international sales. Since Facebook, similar to Google, constantly changes its own algorithms, one should not approach advertising strategies on Facebook half-heartedly.

Who is Facebook advertising suitable for?

Why does Facebook advertising sometimes not work?

The reason is in many cases a wrong or insufficient target group definition. When defining target groups on Facebook, one should distinguish between cold acquisition and existing customer acquisition in “normal” sales. In this case, the existing customers are existing contacts, fans who have watched the videos on your profile or visitors of your Facebook profile. In short: You already know the company.

All others belong in the cold acquisition area. Any company that actively does cold calling can certainly confirm that this is a complex and costly process. It is the same with Facebook. The difference between Google Ads and Facebook Ads is that Facebook Ads are apparently more personal. After all, you don’t buy everything at the door. Many companies underestimate this fact and that is why some strategies do not work.

So if you want to be successful with Facebook advertising, you have to turn many cold contacts into “friends” and not directly with the door into the house. Before Facebook advertisements are placed, you should first be very active on Facebook.

How do I get fans on my profile?

How do you select the right target group?

First you decide in which places, regions or countries the ads should be placed. For locally based companies that only operate in the local area, supra-regional advertising makes no sense. The situation is different for online shops or for companies with products of supraregional interest.

You have to define the right age group. Too wide a spread inevitably leads to wastage. With age, income normally also increases. Another important point. An 18-year-old will hardly book a dream trip to the Galapagos.

The choice of gender also plays a major role in many industries. Take a look at your own customer structure and then decide. Which interests have to be considered if you want to win new customers.  If you want to attract users who are interested in technology, then you should try to take that into account. For example, if you have to do with model making. Many conclusions can be drawn from certain interest groups.

Defining target groups is an ongoing process, because you can always find new potential target groups by doing your own research on Facebook. For the keyword travel you can also find related topics that can become interesting over time.

What is the technical aspect of Facebook Ads?
Which Facebook advertising formats are there?

For whom is Facebook advertising suitable?

Companies should ask themselves first and foremost questions: Do Facebook ads fit my business?

Most companies can answer this question with “yes”, unless they are operating in an absolute niche market. Facebook Ads primarily provide for higher visitor numbers in the previously defined target group. If the website has been prepared accordingly beforehand, the higher visitor numbers lead to more contacts or inquiries and increased awareness of the company. If it is approached correctly, extensive mail distribution lists can also be created, which are built up to a potential buying group. Since many small and medium-sized companies often do not implement Facebook advertising properly, they often lose money without having achieved a proper response.

Why does Facebook advertising sometimes not work?

How do I get fans on my profile?

Having your own blog with quality text and interesting information is a great way to get people to get in touch with a company. Regular podcasts and your own video productions are also paths to follow. Another path is Facebook fan ads. Here you collect new contacts by providing free information, PDF files or other things that can attract new people to your profile and website. With a little bit of skill, you can get a subscription to your newsletter or a contact request on the first contact. If you advertise your website, you also get valuable content without putting the visitor under pressure. Pictures and own videos are perfect for this. Visitors to whom you help with information may mention your website in other forums and thus attract more visitors.

If the list of friends has reached a considerable size over the weeks and months, the Facebook ads will follow, which are useful for acquisition. With the new “friends” you can define target groups very well, because you know the history of the contacts. This works just like with “real” friends. You got to know one of them while playing football, the other one in a pub etc.

With the Facebook target group definition you can now control your ads exactly and increase the probability for a successful campaign. So-called wastage, i.e. visitors who are not interested in your products or services, can be minimized with Facebook advertising.

How do I select the right target group?

What do you need to consider technically with Facebook advertisements?

Technical aspects that you should consider with Facebook Ads:

The guidelines for images in Facebook Ads are set individually for each ad format.
Facebook recommends that images be 1200 x 628 pixels in size for optimal display. The minimum is 600 pixels in width and height of the images. As format you should choose JPG or PNG. Facebook allows a character length of 215 characters in the text and 25 characters in the headline. Do not forget the link description of 30 characters.

What Facebook advertising formats are there?

Video advertising in Facebook feed format

The Facebook video feed advertisements allow companies is specifically designed to run brand advertising areas or attract interactive users to their own website. Due to the extremely high growth rates of clicks, this format has become very important. When using a video, you should always choose the highest possible resolution. Facebook allows a maximum file size of 4 GB when uploading. The length of a video is limited to a maximum of 240 minutes. The optimal size ratio of the video varies between 16:9 and 9:16 in proportion. As video format you should choose mp4 or Mov. The allowed text for a video feed ad is 125 characters, 25 characters in the ad title and 30 characters in the link description. You should always use this completely.

Facebook carousel ads

Classic Facebook ads in the right column

The classic Facebook ad formats for the right-hand column are suitable for companies of all kinds that want to address specific target groups with desktop advertising. Similar to Google AdWords, they are billed at cost per click. The technical details start with the image resolution of 1200 x 628 pixels with the image formats JPG and PNG. They should be edited in a ratio between 9:16 and 16:9 in relation to the page. In the text a maximum of 215 characters is allowed and the headline allows 25 characters. In the description of the link you can include up to 30 characters.

Create Facebook In-Stream Video Ads

Facebook Instant Article Ads

If you want to advertise on Facebook content on your website, there is no way around instant article ads. However, the website should already have a certain size, otherwise Google may reject it. Another important point for Facebook Instant Article ads is the navigation of the website. This should be quick and easy to navigate. The exact requirements for the ads can be found here.

With regard to the technical requirements, you should use the resolution of 1200 x 628 pixels recommended by Facebook for the pictures. The minimum of 600 x 600 pixels should not be undercut and the pictures should be in JPG or PNG format. When uploading videos, the maximum size is 4GB, but the length of the video should not exceed 240 minutes. The text of the Instant Article Ad is limited to 125 characters and for Heading must not exceed 25 characters. The link text for display is limited to 30 characters.

Facebook ads for the marketplace

Facebook advertising in the Audience Network

The way Facebook ads are advertised is very similar to Google Display Network ads. This involves advertising via banners, images and videos on trusted sites that seem appropriate for the type of products. Facebook’s specifications for the images include a resolution of 1200 x 628 pixels, whereby the width and height may not be less than 254 x 133 pixels. The recommended aspect ratio is 9:16. The size of the videos used must not exceed 4GB. The length of the video in the Audience Network is at least 10 seconds and ends at 121 seconds.

Facebook sponsored news ads

Facebook ad placement in Messenger

The ads for Facebook Messenger are displayed between conversations already in progress and are image ads. The ads are delivered using an algorithm that promises the highest possible success rate. The technical specifications on Facebook are a resolution of 1200 x 628 pixels for images and a width and height ratio of 254 x 133 pixels in JPG or PNG format. The text for an ad in Facebook Messenger is a maximum of 125 characters. The headline can have 25 characters and the link description a maximum of 30 characters.

Facebook Collection ads
Welche Facebook Werbeformate gibt es?

Facebook carousel ads

Facebook carousel ads include several different ways to promote your company. Here, images, videos and text are combined and delivered to the Facebook community for one or more products. This also applies to services, of course. In some cases it makes sense to create a landing page as a landing page for visitors, which is optimized for the product or a special service. For each ad, up to 10 carousel maps are created, which the visitor can access by wiping on his smartphone.

The ads appear on the Messenger homepage, as feed, on the Facebook marketplace and in the Audience Network. Facebook has set the specifications for the images at one of 600 pixels for height and width. The carousel Massenger advertisement requires at least a resolution of 254 x 133 pixels for the pictures. For the videos the resolution must not be less than 1080 x 1080 in the formats Jpg4 or MOV. For the text of the carousel advertisements you can use up to 125 characters and for the headline 40 characters are allowed. The description for the link is allowed 20 characters.

Classic Facebook ads in the right column

Create Facebook In-Stream Video Ads

The Facebook In-Stream ads are suitable for almost all companies and service providers who want to increase brand awareness or interactions. The individual core data of the advertisements, e.g. budget, time frame and the respective target group are entered in the Facebook advertising scheduler and combined with the respective intention of the advertiser. Here, one can distinguish between the acquisition of potential customers, video views, downloads or similar. With regard to the size of the images, Facebook recommends 1200 x 628 pixels for the JPG and PNG formats. The height and width of the selected images must not be less than 600 pixels. The advertising text is limited to 215 characters per ad, whereby the title may not exceed 25 characters. The link description is also limited to 30 characters.

Facebook Instant Articles View

Facebook ads for the marketplace

The Google Marketplace offers countless items for sale and purchase. Advertisements in the Facebook marketplace reach Facebook users by means of their own app when shopping. The ads also appear on Instagram, Messenger and the Audience Network. They appear parallel to other identical or similar product groups when they are placed. The budget is individually determined, as is the desired position. The guidelines for the images start with the resolution of 1200 x 628 pixels desired by Facebook, but the size of 600 x 600 in JPG or PNG formats must not be less than this. The highest resolution should always be chosen for the videos. For the videos, a maximum limit of 4GB applies, whereby the length may not exceed 240 minutes. The display text is limited to 125 characters and the headline ends with 25 characters. The link description ends at 30 characters.

Facebook advertising in the Audience Network

Facebook sponsored news ads

Facebook offers sponsored message ads if you have already made contacts in Facebook Messenger, for example, but they have not led to the desired conclusion. This falls under the category of re-marketing and is a proven means of further attracting interested visitors. The technical requirements for images and texts are the same as those used for Facebook and Instagram. Facebook offers to use the same ads.

Facebook ad placement in Messenger

Facebook Collection ads

With Facebook Collection ads, pictures and videos are added to Facebook feeds and forwarded to a website or a company app. The upload takes place in the mobile news feed. As far as the technical requirements are concerned, it is important to note that the picture size must not be less than 600 x 600 pixels. The maximum picture size is 30MB and should be in JPG or PNG format. The videos have a maximum length of 12 minutes, although much shorter lengths are expressly recommended. The maximum video size is 4 GB and the recommended formats are MP4 or MOV. The ad text ends at 90 characters, and the caption should not exceed 25 characters.

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