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Google opens new revenue opportunities for hotels with direct bookings

Google Hotel ads as alternative to hotel portals

Google has been offering Google Hotel Ads for hotel operators for some time. In order to use Google Hotel Ads you need an account in the Google Hotel Center. However, there are additional requirements if you want to use the service. First of all, you must be able to provide sufficient technical capacity for XML data transfer. It is also important that the hotel in question allows changes to servers and other relevant processes in case the data transfer needs to be technically adapted.

Google Hotel Ads Voraussetzungen

Google Hotel Ads restrictions

The Google Hotel account has the following limitations:

  • Hotel chains can link and manage up to 200 Google Ads accounts per Center Account.
  • Each Google Ads Hotel account can contain and manage up to 1000 hotel ads.
  • Each Google Hotels Ads campaign can manage up to 3000 ad groups.
  • Up to 5 million bids are possible at the hotel group level.

Google Hotel Ads Beratung
Google Hotel Ads als Alternative zu Hotelportalen

Google Hotel Ads requirements

The hotel website must also meet a requirement. Hotel operators must ensure that the cache is emptied regularly so that prices are always up to date. The necessary API must be available around the clock to ensure high data accuracy for display on Google.

If these requirements are met, the hotelier can place Google Hotel advertisements, which must include prices and bookability for several available rooms. The personal data must be strictly protected. Google’s experts can help with data protection.

Google Hotel Ads Einschränkungen

Google Hotel Ads Consulting

Google provides guides, information pages and external and internal advice for hotel operators for this type of advertising. However, you can also become active yourself, as you can fill out an application form. Based on the data provided, Google will then determine whether the respective hotel is suitable for Google Hotel Ads. The existing technical requirements play a major role in this process. If you have any questions regarding the connection to Google Hotel Ads, please contact us. We will gladly help you!

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