FAQ – API-interface


An API interface has its origin in the programming of software applications. It is used to connect standard applications of operating systems, databases, or peripheral devices when programming new software, without the programmer having to access them directly. Using standard values, the programmer can therefore complete his work faster and he also avoids sources of error.


Web API Interface

Today, an API interface belongs to the common standard if you want to connect applications with each other and guarantee a constant data exchange. API interfaces (application programming interface) are used on the Internet to connect websites, third-party software and to transfer data to portals provided for this purpose. Often 2 special API’s are used, which ensure an authorization and an identification of the respective user with a third party provider.

Web API application example

Google in particular uses numerous API interfaces for its services, so that the accuracy of the data and the assurance of the respective user rights is always guaranteed. As an example, Google Hotel Ads is used here, which allows hotel operators to advertise their available rooms. Here, the hotel data is transferred to the Google Hotel Center via API interfaces, so that the offered data is always up-to-date for the user.

Source: Wikipedia Web API


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