Determine keywords/search terms through keyword research

Determine keywords/search terms through keyword research
Use time to determine the most important search terms for your offer Keywords. There are different possibilities for a successful keyword research and you should test some of them. You are often surprised how many combinations you finally find.


Keywordsuche mit Tools

For topics with a lot of competition or search terms with a large number of hits, you should focus on combinations of keywords. It is very difficult to achieve a top ranking for a single keyword, and there is no guarantee that users who search in such a general way will find exactly what your website offers.

Keywords richtig einbauen
  • in the page title
  • aptioned
  • in the page content
  • in file or directory names
  • in link texts
  • in the meta data

Try to divide the determined keywords into groups and distribute them on subpages in a structured way. The more precisely you distribute the keywords, the higher the chance of success. We advise our customers comprehensively about the structures of a website and work all keywords into the subpages exactly fitting. In this way we guarantee both short-term success and long-term good search results for our customers.


Keyword research
  • Put yourself in the position of the user. What would you look for?
  • Research in the Google Adwords Keyword Tool
  • Use different spellings, singular/plural and synonyms
  • Take a look at your competitors.
  • Evaluate regularly about your software, with which search terms
Keywords von Konkurrenten

For two or three word combinations of keywords, it is easier to get to the top rankings, and searchers who find your site in this way are more likely to belong to your target audience and are easier to attract customers.

Don’t put all keywords on all pages, but optimize each page for just a few of them. Make sure that your most important search terms appear in the following places:


Keywords im Meta Title

Keyword planner Google

Keyword research with the Google Keyword Planner

Google Instant

Keyword research with Google Instant

Competition analysis

Look at your competitors


Keyword research with Ubersuggest