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Local search engine optimization for small and medium-sized companies

Local customer acquisition with Google

Companies that run a local shop, law firm, clinic or practice can use local search engine optimization to attract customers and generate more sales in the long term. This also applies to customers with several shops in different districts or cities. Local search engine optimization is also a confidence-building measure, because we work together with them to ensure real ratings and a broad spread of their brand awareness. This applies both to the sale of consumer goods and to services of all kinds.

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Lokale Geschäfte, Arztpraxen und Gastronomie

The central instrument for local search engine optimization is the Google Business Entry, which is linked to the Google Maps system. The benefit of such a local optimization is based on the fact that a good third of all search queries per week from users refer to local search queries. Almost three-quarters of these search queries result in the searched company actually being visited. This includes over 90% of companies whose local entry appears in the top results on Google.

Lokale Suchmaschinenoptimierung

We develop a precise strategy with you and implement it with your cooperation. We have over 10 years of experience in the field of website optimization and, according to the last Penguin Update 2014, we are pioneers in the field of local SEO. Furthermore, we can also offer you our expertise in the implementation of local search engine advertising. In this way, you only address potential clients clients, patients or clients from your region.

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For whom is local search engine optimization useful?

The answer is very simple: For all companies and service providers whose offer is strongly linked to the location or region. The classic retail trade, craftsmen, gastronomy companies, doctors, hospitals, fitness studios and cultural or sporting offers of all kinds. In addition, especially companies whose professions are regulated with regard to advertising can benefit. This applies above all to medical specialists and lawyers.

Werbung und Aktionen

How do I find the right keywords for an optimal local entry?

Actually this works exactly the same way as with a national search engine optimization. There are numerous tools for optimal keyword research, all of which can be used free of charge. An overview of these tools can be found here. Of course it also helps to determine a previous target group, which is where you often experience surprises. This is often due to the fact that you have developed a certain operational blindness yourself. This is extremely human and can be quickly remedied by hiring an SEO agency, because they quickly develop a customer perspective.

Bewertungen und Interaktion

What are Google’s guidelines?

The only requirement for a Google business listing is that the companies with such a listing have direct contact with the customer during opening hours. Sounds plausible at first, but there are also many companies that have created such an entry without being on site themselves. These are systematically sorted out by Google.

Lokaler Geschäftskundeneintrag bei Google

Which points play an important role in a successful local business entry?

The most important point, as logical as it may sound, is the distance of the company from the location of the search query. It must be explained that very large cities also play a role here. If someone is looking for a fitness studio in Hamburg Barmbek, they won’t find a studio at the other end of town. Unless they are looking for a specific gym and there is only this one studio.

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The third important point is the competence and reputation of the listed company. If you have many good ratings from customers, patients, clients or other users, your ranking will increase sustainably. The backlinks of a website and the internal links of websites are also not unimportant. However, when building links, you should focus exclusively on quality, because then you are always on the safe side. If one creates an entry on a business directory, the identical business data, address data and telephone numbers should always be stored in the same spelling. This also increases the chances for a good ranking.

Bewertungen und Interaktion
Lokale Geschäfte, Arztpraxen und Gastronomie

The second important point is the content of the text published with the business entry. If the content fits well to the keyword entered, it increases the chance for a good ranking. Therefore a good keyword research and the selection of the right category is always the basis for success.

Werbung und Aktionen

Once the Google business listing has been created, Google evaluates the behaviour of the website visitors. The length of stay, possible contact requests and other things play a major role here. The more things happen, the higher the reputation of the website increases. You should therefore also post good pictures of the company, selected to match the respective category and the texts.

Use the Google Business listing for advertising!

The Google Business Listing offers a lot of possibilities if you want to attract attention. Posting a business listing is a great way to get company news, product news or special offers published. There are a total of 300 words available in the entries, with which you can inform your visitors briefly and concisely. Pictures can also be published and their importance should not be underestimated.

If you fill out the category products and services, you can also regularly advertise offers, additional services, means of payment, parking facilities and much more. These are then marked separately in a corresponding search.

What else is important if you want to be successful with the Google Business listing?

An important component are reviews that have been given about your company by visitors, customers, patients, clients or other business partners. A high percentage of visitors who have had nothing to do with you or your company use these reviews as a basis for their decisions. We help companies to collect real reviews within the scope of our Local Search Engine Optimization and thus improve their own ranking. Of course it is helpful if the company is so well positioned that it is easy for customers to give a very good rating. There are a variety of ways to direct the content of the reviews. This helps other visitors of your business customer entry to better evaluate your company.

Collect ratings and control interaction!

With the given evaluations it should be paid attention to the fact that it is written as detailed as possible, so that other visitors can orientate themselves very well. In addition, you should react to reviews, no matter whether negative or positive. This is another aspect if you want to optimize your business customer entry. If you offer additional points, you can get additional bonus points. These include a link for making an appointment, high-quality image material and other optional improvements. Every interaction made by a visitor of your business customer entry contributes to the improvement. Local SEO or SEA is therefore a really important point for local businesses and we are the right partner for your ideas. If you have any questions about our services, please contact us. We are happy to help you!

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