FAQ – Cost per click (CPC)

The cost per click is crucial for success!

The cost per click is an important efficiency factor for search engine advertising (SEA) campaigns. The average price per click is calculated for individual search terms as well as for all the advertised keywords in a campaign or ad group. Depending on the industry, the kick prices fluctuate strongly, especially at the beginning of a campaign. Since a Google Ads campaign is always an auction and the click price depends on many factors, the click price can be influenced quite well.

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How can you optimize the click price?

The click price of a search term can, as mentioned before, fluctuate extremely strongly and even end up in the middle two-digit Euro amount. In many cases, it is not even comprehensible for advertisers. Since every advertised keyword has a so-called quality factor, one must always try to get this quality factor as high as possible. In short: the higher the quality factor, the lower the click price. Furthermore, the selection of keywords plays a decisive role. The more specific the keyword, the easier it is to improve the quality factor.

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How did these factors determine the click price?

Many companies place advertisements on Google, Bing, etc. and have no or only moderate success. In many cases this is due to a lack of expertise and wrong decisions. Thus the click prices rise fast and hard earned advertising budget is fast used up. The points mentioned are only some of many points which can let the click prices sink. We pursue the goal of our advertising campaigns to increase the advertising budget tenfold within a fixed period of time.

Important points for a high quality factor:

  • The quality of the website and its subpages.
  • The duration of the website visitor’s stay.
  • The number of visited subpages.
  • The interaction on the advertised website.
  • The number of sales after visiting a website.
  • The number of contact requests after visiting a website.
  • The click rate also plays a role.
  • How many companies compete in the auction?

Click costs with new customers

If a company has had no or perhaps even bad experiences with advertisements, then you should start slowly at the beginning. We always start with a small advertising budget and then optimize the campaigns step by step. We use all common evaluations such as Google Analytics, AB Tests and many other possibilities to optimize the results within 8-12 weeks. This way we ensure an optimal utilization of the advertising budget. We then discuss the results with our client and initiate phase 2.



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