The Commerce Week from 08.03.2021 to 12.03.2021 in Munich

What will business look like in the future? The answer to this question has always been sought by companies and managers. The Commerce Week from 08.03.2021 to 12.03.2021 in Munich aims to provide answers for companies and executives. Here, the most diverse developments will be scrutinised and focal points will be set accordingly.

Which points will be in focus?

– The Commerce Week will start on 08.03.2021 with a focus on data analysis, social media marketing and the performance criteria of SEA and SEO. In the area of social media, the correct target group definitions will be dealt with and the success criteria for successful marketing in the individual channels. In the area of SEA and SEO, the common software modules and their possibilities are presented. The focus on data analysis also fits in with this, as it forms one of the foundations for the success of campaigns of all kinds.

– On 09.03.2021, the focus will be on the latest shop technologies, digitalisation at the POS and UX & digital product development. Experts from the print media sector will also have their say and explain the latest developments for the perfect customer approach at the POS.

– 10.03.2021 will focus on Amazon, Multichannel and Cloud & IT Infrastructure. Here, the possibilities for the Amazon Marketplace will be discussed and the opportunities for classic retailers to sell their products via multiple channels. In addition, the topics of cloud-based solutions and the connection with the existing IT infrastructure will be scrutinised.

– 11.03.2021 will be filled by the areas of security, payment modules and logistics. Due to the increasing numbers in the area of online trade, payment modules and the necessary logistics are also in the focus of Commerce Week. In addition, data security will move further into the foreground, the importance of which has not only been of great significance since the new DSVGO.

– On 12 March 2021, the focus will be on New York and future technologies. Under the keyword “New York”, the changes in the future world of work will be highlighted and the necessary measures derived from them. Of course, future technologies must not be missing, because they determine the changes in the future of the workplace.

We will look forward to the future Commerce Week and draw the appropriate conclusions for our customers from the information gained.

Source: Commerce Week website

Commerce Week vom 08.03.2021 bis 12.03.2021 in München
Commerce Week März 2021
Commerce Week Amazon

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