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Accessibility of websites

Whoever designs a website should also pay attention to accessibility for many reasons, because this can have many positive effects. The global internet is designed so that everyone can use it. Sounds quite logical at first. However, if you consider that 7.5 million people live in Germany alone who have visual impairments, problems with hearing up to and including deafness or even blindness, then you should make barrier-free accessibility your duty.

Which points must be considered?

For a barrier-free website there are numerous points to consider. Since many points also have a direct effect on the rankings in the major search engines, you should definitely work through them. Important for a barrier-free website are:

  • One should pay attention to a sufficiently large font size.
  • The contrasts on a website should be large enough.
  • The user interfaces should be large enough and clearly labeled.
  • All images should have alternative texts.
    The texts should be easy to understand.


Conclusion: We should always think of everyone when creating a website and it will pay off. Everyone would like to have greater coverage, more sales and more satisfied customers. Then you have to do something about it. Let us advise you and you will not regret it.

Source: Aktion Mensch

Reasons for a barrier-free website!

The reasons for a barrier-free website are manifold. However, they do not differ in any way from common practices that should be observed in sales or in a sales-oriented profession.

  • With a barrier-free website you can easily reach more customers. Due to an aging society there are also more people with visual or hearing impairments. Sounds logical, right?
  • Through a barrier-free website you have more satisfied customers. A better usability helps the website visitor to reach his goal faster. And that means every website visitor.
  • With a barrier-free website you get better search results in the search engines. The major search engines reward a barrier-free website with better search engine results because all visitors benefit from it.
  • With a barrier-free website you signal that you take on social responsibility and that you are part of a large digital community.



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