FAQ – Call to Action

A call to action promotes turnover

A request for action on a website or in an online shop is an effective way to increase the interaction on a website. At the same time, the conversion rate can be increased and the time spent on the website can be increased sustainably. With a request for action the visitor should do something on the website. A registration for a newsletter, a request for download or simply a link to “read on” an article are just a few of many examples.


What are the purposes of requests for action?

  • To make an appointment with the visitor.
  • To order information material about a product or a company.
  • To subscribe to a newsletter.
  • To recommend or evaluate a product or service.

The advantages of a call to action are obvious. For example, if a catalogue request is made via a website, the company avoids wastage when sending the materials.

Optimization of the click rate

For example, if you want to optimize your click rate and the subsequent prompt for action, you can artificially reduce the number of possible interactions. As an example: The first 250 book orderers will also receive the audio book free of charge. Due to the large number of possible calls to action, individual possibilities arise for companies of all sizes.

Optimization through the meta description

If you integrate a request for action in the meta description, you can strongly influence the click rate. The meta description is displayed in the search engines’ hits. If the Internet user reads the text under the title: “Order free DVD here”, this increases his interest in the company. There are numerous other formulations for a successful call to action.

Advice on calls to action

If you commission a website, we will of course advise you in detail on the possibilities of all calls for action. Of course we also make sure that everything is implemented in accordance with data protection and always meets the latest standards. If you have any questions on the subject of requests for action, please contact us. We will be happy to help you!


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