FAQ – Google product ads

Product displays have many advantages

Google product ads have also been among the options for paid searches for some years now. They are also billed per click and are displayed at Google Shopping. Therefore, in addition to a Google AdWords account, you also need access to the Google Merchant Center.

How to use Google product ads?

Google product ads are not placed like conventional ads, but by means of data transfer directly from the shop. Here the Google AdWords account is linked to the Google Merchant Center and the data is transferred to the merchant area with a CSV file. The CSV file contains all relevant data of the respective product, such as size, color, price, item number and much more. In addition, there are the pictures and the item descriptions. If you use a conventional online shop, the function for generating a CSV file for Google Shopping is often already available.

What do Google product ads do?

First of all, Google product ads increase the number of visitors to the shop. The exact classification into the respective category favours the buying behaviour, because the visitor does not have to search for a long time before he finds the desired product.Furthermore, the increasing number of visitors can have a positive effect on the placement in the organic search results, because well maintained subpages and product pages often rank with long tail keywords

Source: Google Shopping

What do you have to consider?

There are some things that one must absolutely consider with product advertisements. The care of the data communication with the CSV file is a completely important point, because only if the data communication functions smoothly, the announcements are also switched. Then a good concept for a clean classification into the respective product category should be created, because this is an important factor for success.


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