Keyword Performance Indicator (KPI)

The performance indicator or KPI is a value that summarizes certain values for a current or future orientation for business decisions. In business administration, the focus is on profitability, liquidity, communication, profitability, reversibility and the goal orientation of a company. Many other factors can be added to this, because the key figures depend on the industry and time factors.

Key performance indicator in online marketing

If you want to measure the performance of a website or an online shop, you usually use analysis modules that give you information about the number of visitors, their length of stay and their interaction until they make a purchase or contact. In addition, there is the bounce rate, which also plays an important role for decisions. Perhaps the most important role is played by the conversion rate of a website, because it is directly linked to all other values.

Performance indicators for SEO

Many of the performance indicators mentioned above also play an important role in the field of SEO. However, there are numerous other factors that are important for a successful project. These include the number of keywords that have organic placements in the respective search engine. The number of backlinks also gives an indication of the popularity of a website or online shop on the Internet.

Other values for the calculation of the performance indicator.

For an SEO or SEA campaign, the length of stay and the number of visited subpages also plays a prominent role, because the higher the values are, the greater the probability that previously made decisions were successful. Furthermore, the mathematical relation between new and returning website visitors plays an important role, because returning visitors have a higher probability of buying than new visitors. Furthermore, the relation between these two groups of visitors provides information about the awareness of the own website on the Internet.

Signals from the social networks

The theory that signals from the social networks have a direct impact on rankings in the major search engines, which we do not advocate. However, campaigns and publications via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other channels can have an indirect positive impact, because higher traffic can have a positive effect on your own brand and many other previously mentioned key figures.



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