FAQ – Qualified contacts

Qualified contacts for more turnover

When you run a business, you are often dependent on qualified contacts (leads). These are people who are interested in an article or a service, who can become new customers and send the necessary contact data. Qualified new customers can be generated in the business customer area as well as in the private customer area. The possibilities for the generation of qualified contacts are manifold and depend on the respective strategy.

Development since the nineties

In the course of the development in the mid-nineties, dialogue marketing in particular has proven to be a good means of making contacts. For example, customers were written to and called a short time later and asked about their interest. The development of the Internet quickly opened up new ways of generating contacts. The advantage for companies is that potential new customers signal their willingness to buy faster than customers who are called.

Trade fairs and events

For example, if you generate a contact during a trade fair or similar event, this is done in a personal meeting and the quality is therefore quite high. When generating by call centers with outgoing calls, the quality is usually less high, but the number of contacts is significantly higher.  If the contacts are generated by printed brochures, inserts or postcards, the wastage is usually extremely high. However, the quality of the contacts can be quite high, depending on the procedure. The Internet offers the perfect alternative and a middle course that many companies are already taking.

Possibilities to generate contacts

The way in which new qualified contacts are generated is highly dependent on their subsequent use and the strategy of the company. If qualified contacts are generated en masse, quality usually suffers. The individual channels also play a decisive role.

Software providers who offer AB-Test

It does not matter which target group is to be addressed. Targeted campaigns in the area of online advertising can generate qualified contact data, but in doing so you should observe the Basic data protection regulation guidelines. By using landing pages, you can acquire valuable new customers in the consumer goods sector as well as in the sale of services and service offers.


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