FAQ – Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing must be worthwhile for both sides

Affiliate marketing is the term used to describe cooperation between a merchant and a partner, usually on a long-term basis and billed according to the respective success. The partner and the merchant mutually agree on the remuneration in advance of the partner campaign and the partner manages the advertising platform. Before the marketing activities begin, the merchant provides the advertising material. For this purpose, banners, links and other formats can be used, which are integrated on the partner website.

Which platforms make sense?

Ideally, the partner operates a website whose content is strongly based on the products, target groups or services of the merchant. This creates the highest possible probability for generating a lead, sales success or other interaction. In addition, platforms should be chosen whose visitors match the demographic of your target groups. The more successful this is, the higher the return on investment will generally be. In addition, brand awareness rises sharply and a simultaneous reduction in wastage occurs.

 affiliate marketing

How is the remuneration paid?

Several options can be used for remuneration in affiliate marketing. The classic form of remuneration is the cost per click payment. Here, each click is paid by the merchant to the partner. Cost per contact is another billing model that is often used. Here, each contact that the merchant receives is remunerated. This is often the case when an immediate sale is not possible or only possible with difficulty, e.g. with goods that require a lot of explanation or are expensive. The best way for the retailer to be remunerated is to pay for each sale. This type of remuneration can be very well included in the calculation and therefore also better remunerated.
Extremely large partner portals also use remuneration variants that have nothing to do with a direct action of the website visitor. In this case the remuneration is calculated in blocks per thousand clicks or more. This often occurs when no quantitatively high sales are expected.

Evaluation of Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing can contribute in many ways to the spread of brand awareness and even to targeted sales. The key to success is the right strategy and the most targeted implementation possible, with regard to your own campaign goals. In addition, your own creativity is required, because the more original the presentation, the higher the chances of success.


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