FAQ – Duplicate content

Duplicate content is often underestimated

Duplicate content is a problem for many websites and especially in online shops, because many shop operators receive ready-made texts from their suppliers and partners. These texts then appear in many different shops. Very few webmasters worry about this, because the effort involved in creating your own texts is immensely high. However, the texts of a website play a very important role for the placements in the big search engines.

What reasons can there be for duplicate content?

The reasons for duplicate content can be many and varied. The classic one is certainly the theft of foreign texts from other websites to save work. This is not only forbidden and involves considerable penalties. You also harm the author of the texts and yourself, because it is connected with considerable loss of position.

Duplicate content

Further reasons can be

Another error can be that a website can be reached with or without www. This error can be solved quickly and easily with a 301-forwarding. Another error can be in the publication of texts in different places or categories of the website. If you run a website with several languages, then you should separate these languages very neatly. This is especially true if you have country sites with identical languages (for example: Germany and Austria).

How do you recognise duplicate texts?

The simplest way to find duplicate content is to check the content of several software providers and check pages. These include, for example, Siteliner, Copyscape or Ryte, which enable quick checking. We already check all pages of existing websites for duplicate content during on-page optimisation. For new websites we also take care during the planning stage that all measures are taken to avoid duplicate content.


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