Google AdWords offers new possibilities in advertising

Advertising on Google Ads is getting more colorful!

Google extends the possibilities of Google AdWords ads and Google Shopping ads. First of all, Google has expanded the possibilities for photos, videos and graphics. Furthermore, important additional services can be highlighted soon. This should influence the visitor’s buying decision and enable a higher conversion rate.

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Extend offers

Also new are the possibilities for marketing additional attractive offers with the product. These include free shipping, bonus campaigns or other important areas. Especially online shops can benefit from this, but conventional websites should also achieve positive results. These functions are initially limited to the USA, but worldwide availability should also be made available soon.

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Improved bidding simulator

Google has also made improvements to the bid simulator to ensure that the redesigned ads are delivered to the ideal customer. Here, information is collected through targeted bid simulations and merged with the campaigns almost in real time. This is intended to achieve greater success, especially in the acquisition of new customers. As a result of the innovations, advertisers now have more resources available for the optimal design of the ads and they can offer products with real added value for the visitor.

Source: Google AdWords Help

Werbung bei Google Ads wird bunter!

High quality image material

Many things need to be taken into account when planning campaigns. Above all, the definition of target groups plays a key role in the creation of ad texts. However, the image material and product description of individual items also plays an increasingly important role. With the new enhancements, advertisers can now use high-quality images in the AdWords search and thus achieve higher sales. The same applies to Google Shopping and to display ads.

Images from the website

Through a learning process, images can now also be integrated directly from the website into the ads, initially in a test version. Some companies have already tested this and generated significantly higher click rates and sales. Due to these results a timely availability becomes very likely.

Anzeigen umit Bildern und Videos

Integrate videos

In the future, Google Display ads may use video ads and may include the name of the respective brand or a company logo. This is primarily intended to put the respective brand in the foreground and create additional trust. The results achieved so far are consistently positive.

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