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The Google bid simulator supports webmasters

The Google AdWords Bid Simulator allows a close look at the development of ad performance when delivered with different click costs. This is done automatically so that the advertiser does not have to determine this development himself. This makes it easier for the user to determine bids.

Bid simulator basic knowledge

The reasons for using the bidding simulator lie in the basic consideration of bids at auctions. While in a conventional auction in an auction house only the bid amount is decisive, many factors play a role in Google ads. With Google AdWords, the advertiser makes his maximum bid for a click for a specific word or combination of words. But that does not mean that he has to pay this price. Similarly, the highest bidder does not automatically get first place among the ads.

Which bidding simulators are available?

Basically you can distinguish between 2 different bidding simulators. The first bid simulator deals with the manual costs per click. The second one is part of the automatic bid adjustments in the cost per click. They both determine the effects that certain factors have on the direct performance of an advertised search term.

Bidding simulators in web marketing

The importance of bid simulators for a web marketing agency is immense, because they make the work in the field of search engine advertising SEA much easier. In the past, one had to determine the data obtained oneself and incorporate it into the campaigns. You had to sacrifice extra time and above all budget, which is always annoying. Today this work is done automatically, which also results in a faster performance increase of campaigns and ads.

Other factors

The costs per click and the position of the ad are not only based on the bid, but above all on the quality factor of the respective keyword. The relevance of the respective advertised website also plays an important role in the placement. Of course, the competition always plays a major role in an auction.

These are:


  • -The cost per click.
  • The number of clicks
  • The number of sales or any other action (newsletter, contact requests, etc.)
  • The conversion rates from click to purchase or other action at campaign and ad level.

Which level and areas can be measured?

  • You can use the bidding simulator at campaign level.
  • You can use the bid simulator for Google Shopping campaigns.
  • You can use the bid simulator for different devices.
  • You can use the bid simulator for calls via ad extensions.

Source: Google Smart Bidding




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