Google Maps supports cyclists and e-bike users

Google extends its map service

There is no doubt: Corona has changed our lives! Many areas of life are affected by Covid19 and the behaviour of many has changed. Google offers support in many areas for companies in crisis. We reported about free entries in the Google Shopping Search. Now we have two updates that are aimed at cyclists and users of e-bikes. The Google map service (Google Maps) is being expanded as many people are switching from public transport to bicycles.

Fahrradwege werden erweitert

Bicycle rental stations are added

Google is also testing a service that is related to the second update. These are bike rental stations that have been established in the last few years, especially in the big cities. The routes to the station and the conditions of the respective bike rental are displayed. This function is currently in a test phase and only the capital of England is currently being revised with this update. It remains to be seen how the new services will be accepted and to what extent the expansion will progress. However, this is the right way to rid crowded cities of cars.

Google extends its map service

Bicycle paths will be extended

Since cycle paths have only played a minor role in Google Maps until now, you can now use the route planner especially for cycle routes. The expansion is to be massively promoted in the coming weeks. Google is also including the cities in this process, as they can upload their own cycle paths onto a Google platform and thus improve the quality of the routes displayed themselves. This makes it easier to plan the route for your own bicycle tour, because the routes displayed are alternatives to car routes and pedestrian route descriptions. For sporty cyclists, detailed route information can also be retrieved, including gradients, travel time and other information. You can either save the information on your computer or have it sent directly to your smartphone.

Fahrradverleihstationen werden hinzugefügt

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