2021 brings some innovations in the Google ranking factors

The Layout Shift GIF Generator helps ….

The Layout Shift GIF Generator shows weaknesses

Next year there will be some changes in Google’s search algorithm. We have already reported on this in our last article in May about the Core Web Vitals. Now the question arises: What can we do to meet the new expectations? Here we present a possibility. The Core Web Vitals contain several factors, the weighting of which will be incorporated into the new evaluation in different ways.


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What can you do for good web vitals?

You should take a closer look at your website and continuously correct weaknesses in the layout. One possibility for this is the Layout Shift GIF Generator, which shows weaknesses in the layout of the website and provides solutions. In addition, the tool can distinguish between the mobile website and the desktop website. First you go to the website of the project and enter your website there. You can find the website of the project here: Layout Shift GIF Generator

What else can you do?

The generator is only one possibility if you want to clean up possible errors on your website early. Additionally you can install an extension for the Google Browser Chrome. This extension can be found here: Chrome WebVitals Extension After the installation the extension offers relevant numbers for the currently displayed page which can be analyzed and converted.

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Which factors are important?

One important factor will be the layout on websites and especially the behaviour of the layout on different devices and with different browsers. If images, videos and forms quickly and unexpectedly change position in the browser, content will be displayed that the website visitor did not want to see at all. In many cases, the reasons for such layout shifts lie in minimally different loading times of images and other elements.

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