FAQ – Off page optimization

An OffPage optimization is a long process

A successful search engine optimization also requires a so-called off page optimization. Here your page is made more popular on the Internet. This is achieved by so-called backlinks on other pages a big role. Here the quality plays a very important role. This promotes the link popularity of your website and enables Google to decide whether your site is suitable for a top placement. How to build this backlink is a little bit dependent on the industry and the skills and possibilities of the SEO agency.

Natural link building

The major search engines like Google can now distinguish very well between natural and unnatural link building. While a few years ago it was still possible to simply buy thousands of backlinks, for about 10 years now you should definitely leave it alone. This does not mean high-quality portals that are editorially maintained and sometimes have a high relevance for one or more industries. In any case, social signals should play a role in link building, as these have been playing an increasingly important role since 2010. Important social media, blogs and video portals are now standard when it comes to organic link building.

dofollow versus nofollow

If you have a natural link building, you will always be confronted with the nofollow and dofollow attribute. It is now undisputed that nofollow links are relatively useless for ranking in the major search engines. However, they are part of a natural link building process. Therefore you should also maintain entries on portals that do not allow dofollow links. dofollow links are the salt in the soup and the better the page itself ranks in Google results, the more valuable a backlink is for your own website.

Further possibilities

A good link building is one of the most important disciplines in website optimization. If you want to take the ideal path, then link building with high-quality content, your own news section or high-quality images is certainly one of the best ways. However, this way is also one of the longest ways of link building. If you have any questions about link building for your website, please contact us.

Quality of a backlink

A backlink is always good if it has a high relevance to the topic and if the respective page has similar content to your own website. In addition, you should make sure that the anchor text of a backlink contains a keyword that matches the linked target page. If it is possible, then you should include a backlink in the text of the website if possible and not in places that have nothing to do with the actual text.

Link building in web catalogs

Link building by means of web catalogues has been a relatively pointless undertaking for some years now. However, regional and supra-regional yellow pages, rating portals and information sites are still an issue, because some have survived the death of the web catalogues and have emerged stronger from it. These portals can have a positive effect on local search engine optimization. Some have even managed to have the ratings on these portals displayed by Google, which is positive for these portals. With entries of this kind, you should always make sure that the NAP data matches the GMB entry.


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