FAQ – Paid search

The paid search should be perfectly structured

Paid searches are advertisements that are placed in the major search engines such as Google, Yandex, Bing, Yahoo or Baidu. They usually appear above and beside the organic results. In the paid search, important keywords that can mean increased sales for the advertiser are entered into the search engine. In this case, the billing is done either per click or in another billing form. This usually depends on the type of ad selected.

Paid search as auction

Since the paid search is carried out in the form of an auction, the click costs can fluctuate considerably. Many industries use the paid search in the peak season, which can lead to increased click costs, as competitors also place advertisements. Of course, competition in general plays an important role when it comes to the success of a paid advertisement. If you still want to keep the click costs low, we recommend our article about click costs.

Paid search as a source for search engine optimization

Although the paid search does not play a direct role in search engine optimization, you can generate valuable information from the results. Depending on the number of advertised keywords, special subpages can be optimized based on the search queries. The implementation with landing pages can also reveal valuable information that can be gathered with AB Tests or other applications.

How should one use the paid search?

First of all, paid search is always an interesting topic when advertising a niche product. In many cases, these have lower click costs and still attract a lot of website visitors. In addition, there is the possibility to achieve significantly more sales with the paid search due to the sheer volume of visitors to the highly competitive keywords. It should be noted, however, that you should either hire an experienced agency or a full-time employee for these campaigns.


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