FAQ – User Experience (UX)

Improve user experience

In recent years, user experiences have had an ever greater impact on the success of websites. Especially in recent years, due to the large number of mobile devices, the experiences of users with mobile websites are of great importance. However, the experience of users should not be confused with the usability of websites. Usability is only one facet of the experience that users can have on a website.

What does user experience mean?

There are many more factors that play a role in the user experience and these will have a major impact on Google rankings in the coming years. For example, one of the most important aspects of the user experience on a website is the ability to adapt the site to different devices. The loading time and the service offering of the website are also important parameters.

Is the user experience measurable?

The answer is yes, but! The user experience can be measured to a large extent, but the subjective view of individual website visitors can only be captured to a limited extent. This is where state-of-the-art technologies have to be used to evaluate the line of sight and other factors using thermal imaging cameras. Purely technical factors can be measured relatively easily. In addition, targeted surveys can provide good insights into the user experience of your website visitors.

Which points are important?

One important point is the added value of the information offered to the visitor. However, aspects that can only be influenced indirectly must also be taken into account. For example the beauty of a website, which is judged differently by different visitors. A very important aspect for a positive user experience is that the website is as easy to use and navigate as possible. The faster the visitor finds his destination, the greater is his pleasure. This should already be taken into account when creating a new website or an online shop in the planning stage.

User experience and search engine optimization

The answer is: At the moment only a smaller role, but in 2021 a bigger role. Google has announced that the experience visitors make on websites will officially be a ranking factor from 2021. This means that you should be properly prepared today. We advise our customers to implement the technical aspects already. In addition, one should measure the length of stay, the bounce rate and aborts on the subpages and, if necessary, correct weaknesses.


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