Google new billing model Pay per Stay PPS for the Google Hotel Center

Billing Google Hotel Ads with Pay per Stay

Hotels are connected to the Google Hotel Center via an API interface so that free rooms can be advertised by Google in almost real time. In this way Google ensures that the booked rooms are actually available. The data transfer can either be carried out by technically experienced hoteliers themselves or by a third party recommended by Google.

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PPS commission and visibility

The commission value determined in advance (percentage of the real room price) defines Google a virtual CPC value. This determines the position of the hotel in the search results of the current campaign. External factors also play a role. These include, for example, the number of cancellations, bookings made and ratings.

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Does a PPS campaign make sense for my hotel?

The answer is very simple: It depends on the business model of the hotel. There are hotels that like to influence the click costs and the positioning of your ad on the different devices themselves. Then the CPC model is certainly more suitable. Other hotels would like to be present on Google Ads, but do not always want to have a direct influence on the respective visibility. Then PPS could be a real alternative.

Source: Google Pay per Stay

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What is PPS – Pay per Stay?

Google has now introduced a new billing model for Google Hotel Ads, which allows different procedures for web operators. The new Pay per Stay model is an alternative to the current models, which are specified by HRS, for example. The Pay per Stay (PPS) billing model is based on a predetermined commission rate, which is set in advance for each hotel.

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Accounting of costs

The costs for a Pay per Stay Campaign (PPS) are only charged for actual hotel nights. This procedure reduces the risk of cancelled bookings to a factor of 0. The Google Hotel Ads costs are calculated on the basis of a Google report, which is then compared with the actual bookings made.

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