FAQ – Dynamic search ads

Dynamic want ads increase turnover

Google AdWords offers numerous possibilities if you want to place advertisements. One possibility are dynamic search ads. Here, ads are created that are dynamically matched to the website texts. They are an attractive addition to the existing possibilities and the possibility to achieve fast sales or contact requests. In terms of cost per click, this form of advertising often achieves a higher performance.

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Automated search ads are in trend

Dynamic search ads are only one part of a further development of Google when it comes to automatic ads. Google product ads were the beginning of more and more developed ads that automatically reacted to the search behavior of visitors. So let us try to explain the individual functions.

For whom are dynamic search ads interesting?

Dynamic search ads are basically interesting for every advertiser. Especially websites and online shops, whose assortment and text changes often, profit especially from dynamic search ads. These remain always up to date due to the constant adaptation of the ad texts. However, as with all projects in web marketing, one should pay attention to good texts.

How do dynamic want ads work?

As with all Google ads, you must have a Google AdWords account. This is the prerequisite for dynamic search ads. Then you create a new campaign and define the target groups and of course the corresponding search terms. Based on the stored search terms, Google creates an ad text during the ad placement, which consists of the search term and the existing text on the website. If you believe Google, this increases the conversion rate from click to purchase by about 10 percent.


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