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Google Optimize in Web Marketing

Google Optimize has been part of Google’s marketing platform since 2011. Besides a free A/B test, you can use numerous additional functions. This gives you a quick overview of the performance of your website or individual subpages. As an extended version, Google provides the Google Optimize 360 and the Enterprise version, which are not free of charge. For the majority of all websites, however, the free version is completely sufficient.

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What does Google Optimize do for me?

Google Optimize offers the possibility to measure and evaluate the website visitors and their interactions. This creates room for improvements on your own website and increases the turnover or the conversion rate of sales and contact requests in the long run. It also helps the visitors of a website to move faster and thus to reach their destination better.

Multivariate testing

Multivariate testing is useful if you want to compare several variants of a website and several variants of a prompt for action at the same time. In addition, formulations, colors and the navigation of a web page can be tested for their performance in different arrangements. This can lead to an enormous increase in sales, especially in mass business, but testing has also become established in business customer business.

Forwarding tests

If you are planning a new version of your website or shop, you can also perform a forwarding test. Here, it is not the element of the page that determines the usage, but the URL of the website. For landing pages that vary greatly from each other, the redirection test can also be used well.

How can I use Google Optimize?

If you want to use Google Optimize, the basic requirements are an existing Google Analytics account and the internet browser Google Chrome. The Google Tag Manager is helpful, because it makes the setup of Google Optimize much easier. But you don’t have to use the Google Tag Manager, because the Google Optimize code can also be integrated into the source code of the respective website.

Which test series can be carried out with Google Optimize?

A/B Test

The first test you can do with Google Optimize is the widely known A/B test. Here 2 or more variants of a web page are tested, which pursue the identical goal. You can either define the visitor flow to the two variants or follow the 50% rule. In this test you can test requests for action, compare banners or simply display a website with and without prices. The latter is a proven tool, especially in pure business customer sales. This test should be carried out over a longer period of time so that you get reliable data in the end.

Personalized tests

Personalised tests compare variants of a website for different target groups. In the long term, this allows you to provide the right version of a website for each target group and thus also increase sales and contact requests. In addition, you can of course significantly reduce the number of abandoned purchases or contact enquiries. When selecting target groups, one usually takes demographic backgrounds and purchasing power into account.


Server-based tests

Server-based tests can also be carried out with Google Optimize. Here, various tests are defined as an experiment and the goals, versions and reports are determined in advance. For server-based tests with Google Optimize, however, you should at least have basic knowledge of the server architecture. Google Optimize 360 and the Enterprise Version have further additional functions, which can be used simultaneously if required.


Connections of Google Optimize

Google Optimize is connected to Google Analytics from the outset and you can also connect Google Optimize to Google Ads, which gives you additional leeway in the evaluation of Google Ads campaigns at all levels. In addition, you can use Google Optimize in various apps.

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