FAQ – Organic search results

Organic search results are the result of good planning

Organic search results are the results that can be found in the major search engines that do not result from targeted ads.  These are generally referred to as the top 10 results, but the following results can also play a role in complicated situations. You can recognise the organic search results by the fact that they are not marked as advertisements. All organic search results are based on factors that the major search engines prescribe for a successful top ranking. For each search engine, these are based on complex algorithms that determine the best results for the keyword entered.

What are the organic search results?

When talking about organic search results, one can distinguish between several categories. The first category contains the results that a particular keyword displays as a list of results. If you have entered this keyword in one of the major search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, Baidu or Yandex, you can also choose organic search results for pictures, videos, news, maps and results for a targeted purchase of the entered keyword. Unlike paid advertisements, organic search results are free and therefore very interesting for any website operator.

Organic search results

How can you achieve a top ranking?

A top ranking in the major search engines is not a gift and can only be achieved with a lot of work, a good strategy and a little patience. In contrast to paid searches, organic search results require some time to be seen. You should also know the respective guidelines of the search engines, so that the joy of good results lasts for a long time. The most important thing is to maintain high quality in all measures that you carry out yourself or have carried out by an SEO agency. The individual measures can be roughly divided.

One speaks of a so-called on-page optimisation and an off-page optimisation.

In an on-page optimisation, all factors on your own website are checked and improved so that the site is as perfectly tuned as possible. Furthermore, it is advantageous to register the website in the Google Search Console and submit a Sitemap.xml.  With off-page optimisation, all factors outside your own website are optimised. These include backlinks, social media signals, classic press work and much more.

Development of organic search results

In the course of the last few years, there have been repeated adjustments by the search engines to achieve the best possible search results. In addition, the results are constantly enriched with pictures and videos. For website operators it is therefore becoming increasingly difficult to appear in the top results. Professional SEO agencies must also develop continuously, otherwise they will lose touch with the competition. If you would like to hire a professional agency for your website, please contact us!


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