FAQ – Alt – Attributes

What are Alt – Attributes

The so-called alt-attributes have a very important function for search engines and especially for many users. Especially for the accessibility of websites, alt-attributes have a high importance, because they can be read or heard by visually impaired people as an “alternative” for graphics and images. For this purpose, visually impaired people use special software that enlarges fonts and also includes a read-aloud function. Search engines use alt-attributes to determine image content, as recognition by conventional methods does not work.

Search engines and the image search

If you carefully optimise the alt attributes of images and graphics, search engines can read them out much better and assign them to specific subject areas. Especially with technical products and goods in need of explanation this makes a lot of sense. It is not unusual for complicated products to attract a large number of website visitors via Google image search. This should be a further incentive for the use of legacy attributes, in addition to the striving for a website that is as accessible as possible. With regard to the user experience that will become increasingly important in 2021, this will also have a positive effect.

Alternative attributes

How do alt-attributes work?

Alt-attributes are always used when an image or graphic cannot be displayed or read. If an image cannot be displayed, this can have many reasons. A technical defect is just as possible as an outdated browser or a function in the browser which suppresses the display of the images. When using alt-attributes, one should always use the keyword of the respective page and thus provide a connection to the overall text of the website for the search engines. It should be set logically to the content of the image.

Alt-attributes and search engine optimisation

For a search engine optimisation alt-attributes have a great importance. On the one hand, they offer the possibility of incorporating additional text into the website, and on the other hand, they increase user-friendliness. Both options have an effect on the positions in the search engines and thus on the success. A good agency will always advise you of this possibility. If you have any questions, please contact us!


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