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Google Search Console

The Google search console is used by millions of webmasters to control and optimise their own website. The Google search console is offered free of charge, as Google also pursues its own purposes when a website operator registers his site there. It has numerous functions for improving your own website, which in turn benefits Google and, of course, the website visitors. With the help of various links, the statistical data can be expanded by including Google Analytics data, for example.

Benefits for Google

If a website operator uses the Google search console, this has several advantages for Google. By displaying errors, the website operator can make continuous improvements, which in turn improves the quality of the website results. This in turn has an impact on the quality of the organic search results, the target pages for Google Ads and Google AdSense. Google also warns of unwanted malware and abnormal link flow, which also has a positive effect on its own quality.

Benefits for website operators

The benefit for website operators who use the Google search console to monitor their own website and for statistical purposes is obvious. By using it for free, Google offers virtually every website operator the possibility of always being up-to-date. Through the statistics and displayed keywords, the website operator can see which keywords are particularly easy to find and can draw further conclusions.

Google Search Console

How can I set up the Google search console?

In order to use the Google search console you first need an active Google account. Then you register your website in the search console. When registering your website, you should make sure that you register the page with the correct URL. Afterwards you confirm the page in the desired way and you can start. If you have already completed your website, you should enter your path for your own sitemap in the menu item Sitemaps (example: www.your page.de/sitemap.xml). You can also do this for any existing pictures and videos in your own sitemap. This already fulfils a very important point of the Google Webmaster Guidelines, because it makes it easier for Google to find the contents of a website.

Which data can be tested?

If you do not want certain subpages to be indexed (example: login pages), you can use the robots.txt tester to give instructions. The previously submitted Sitemap.xml is also regularly checked for errors. Should errors occur, the website operator will receive a message by e-mail. With the Disavow tool you can have unwanted backlinks removed from the index if you are not convinced of the quality.

Another possibility for website operators is the possibility to request a new indexing for subpages that had errors during the last visit to Google. The URL check can be used to signal to Google that the errors have been removed. As Google has included the Core Web Vitals in the ranking factors for the year 2021, you should also use this function in the Google search console. Thus one is prepared for the year 2021.

Google Search Console and the user friendliness

It is also very useful to check the user-friendliness on your own mobile website. Any errors are displayed there and can be improved by the website operator. This leads us to the AMP (Acellerated Mobile Pages) function. If a website uses the AMP’s, this feature can be used to monitor the AMP’s and correct existing errors.

In summary, the Google Search Console offers many useful features that you can use for free to improve and monitor your website. For our customers we set up all Google functions automatically, so that our customers can retrieve the data at any time.


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