FAQ -​ Cost per lead

Cost per lead

The cost per lead is a way for advertisers on the Internet to reward the generation of qualified contacts. In many cases, this type of compensation makes more sense than the compensation of click costs. Especially whenever direct sales cannot be expected because the product raises many questions or is extremely expensive. However, the generated contacts have been selected in advance to the extent that they can be used for a later sale of a product.

What are the advantages of lead generation?

The advantages for the advertiser are primarily the good calculability of costs and benefits and the possibility of building up high-quality potential customers, who can and usually will generate sustainable sales. For a qualified contact, a fixed price is usually agreed upon, which forms a good basis for calculation, as mentioned before.

Cost per lead

Which leads are there?

A lead can be a potential new customer, a new subscriber to a newsletter or a contact request. In all forms of lead generation, the contacts are maintained and provided with special offers within a defined time frame. In this process, the previous prospective customer receives additional information that makes a later purchase or contract more attractive. In many cases, a telephone contact with a seller is established before the purchase. This form of dialog marketing has developed in the nineties and is now used in

Online marketing expanded.

Billing per contact is a really good alternative in Affiliate Marketing when it comes to complicated goods and services. However, as with all billing models, you should have a thorough prior planning and a corresponding target group definition. This is the basis for success, for low wastage and yet is still underestimated by many advertisers.


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